Beyond Gratitude: How to Raise Thankful Children

This workshop goes past teaching your kids to say "Thank You" so that they truly understand appreciation and gratitude. We want to go deeper and raise children who understand and practice gratitude and appreciation on a daily basis so they have the skills necessary to be successful in social settings and in building healthy relationships. (This is entitlement’s kryptonite!) 




Open up the colorful capsule packaging and discover a unique character on outrageously soft fabric!

Hunt together for the hidden paper airplane included in every graphic.

Each Shirt comes with a teachable story that brings the character to life. All of our stories are written on seed paper that grows into wildflowers.


Made from an eco-friendly bamboo-cotton blend that offers an outstanding tensile strength antimicrobial material absorbs sweat, and keeps you cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and won't shrink in the wash. No adventure is too big!