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We brought in the experts to create our Parent Workshops, helping you tackle parenthood’s biggest challenges with joy and confidence. 

Parenthood’s a marathon.

The Deets:

Length: Less than one hour per workshop

Cost: Individual Workshops: $17.50

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Bundle of All 7: $99.95

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So we created a collection of no-pressure, virtual, on-demand workshops covering seven common challenges for modern parents of children aged 0-10.

Whether you’re on the go or on the couch, you have the support you need.  Taught by licensed experts, each workshop will equip you with the tools you need to raise healthy kids and experience more joy in the process.

The Workshops

Overcoming Mom (and Dad) Guilt

Every parent has an inner critic that whispers “you’re not good enough.”  In this workshop, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) Sahar Martinez explains why guilt and shame happen, how to process these feelings, and how to create and maintain boundaries with well-intentioned friends and families who love to give unwelcome advice. By shedding guilt, we have the emotional freedom to simply be with our kiddos. 

Building Emotional Intelligence

Healthy self-expression isn’t an innate trait in kids (ahem, or adults), but rather a skill that must be learned and practiced. In this workshop, LMFT Hayley Goldberg teaches us how to build our children’s self-control without suppressing their emotions, strategically navigate tantrums, and develop our little one’s self-awareness and healthy expression patterns.

Owning Your Unique Parenting Style

Being the perfect parent isn’t just exhausting: it’s impossible.  As we navigate the barrage of parenting trends, books, and forums, we often forget that being a great parent means knowing your own child and tapping into your own unique parenting flow.  In this workshop, Hayley Goldberg, LMFT, will empower you to raise emotionally healthy children by breaking down the two most important parenting practices: being present and listening.

Beyond Gratitude: How To Raise Thankful Children

This workshop goes past teaching your kids to say "Thank You" so that they truly understand appreciation and gratitude. We want to go deeper and raise children who understand and practice gratitude and appreciation on a daily basis so they have the skills necessary to be successful in social settings and in building healthy relationships. (This is entitlement’s kryptonite!)

loving your body after kids

After having a baby, it can be hard to even recognize ourselves. Whitney Sippl, DPT, WCS, teaches us how to accept and nourish our postpartum bodies. From kegels and healthy posture, to post-baby sex and overcoming incontinence, Whitney gives moms the knowledge and tools they didn’t know existed.  Parents who haven’t delivered a child will gain insight into what their partner is going through, physically and emotionally, and learn how to effectively support them.

Reconnecting for Busy Parents

As parents, nurturing your romantic relationship can fall at the bottom of the to-do list, somewhere after “fold that ever-growing heap of laundry”. We created this workshop for busy parents who want realistic ways to infuse joy into their relationship. LMFT Sahar Martinez teaches you how to enrich your bond and grow the love that brought your kids into being in the first place.

Creating a Calm and Focused Home

Pick-ups and drop offs, work deadlines, soccer practice, and the daily back-breaker: “what’s for dinner?” — parenting life is no joke! In this workshop taught by LMFT Sahar Martinez, you’ll learn how to navigate all that life hurls at you by prioritizing what’s right for your family. Sahar teaches daily tools including anxiety management practices and strategies to focus on what’s most important. Turns out, there’s room for peace in the middle of the chaos.

Got Questions? We've got answers.

We brought together a team of experts, including licensed family therapists, physical therapists, and marriage therapists, to give you the best, most trustworthy tools and wisdom.

Nope!  Just show up as you are (comfy clothes highly encouraged).

Each webinar is pre-recorded so you can watch it at your own pace.

When you purchase the bundle, you get unlimited access.

We’re currently offering these as a bundle only, at a price point that’s less than the cost of an individual workshop.  We’re doing this for a limited time to give eager parents the best value.  In the future, we may offer individual workshops.

Since the workshops are pre-recorded, there isn't an opportunity to ask questions.  

However, we encourage you to reach out to our experts to build on these foundational skills.

Unfortunately, we can’t offer refunds due to the digital nature of your workshop purchase.

We pull a lot of late nights researching the most common struggles faced by parents.  Our workshops are geared toward parents with kiddos aged 0-10, covering everything from dating your partner after kids to raising emotionally intelligent children.  We’re confident that any parent raising little humans will gain immeasurable wisdom from our Parent Workshops.

want to build a confident and connected family?


We brought in the experts to create our Parent Workshops, helping you tackle parenthood’s biggest challenges with joy and confidence.


We partnered with parenting and psychology experts to give you the tools you need. Learn tips and tricks on how to raise independent, strong kids, while keeping your sanity.

We offer 7 on-demand workshops that you can watch from the comfort of your own home, pause when you need to, and come back again and again.

Need more support? We created a community of like-minded parents to encourage and listen. It takes a village and we've got an awesome one.


Creating a calm and focused home

Owning your unique parenting style

Beyond Gratitude: How To Raise Thankful Children

Building emotional intelligence

Loving your body after kids

Reconnecting for Busy Parents


In our workshops, we tap our network of experts to dive into topics like reconnecting with your partner in the midst of parenting, and teaching your kids healthy emotional expression.

We’re better together, and we want you with us.