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Raising 21st Century Kids (WITHOUT Losing Your Sanity—)
(It’s NOT too late to learn how to navigate the chaos)

These are the things they DON’T teach you in school (or birthing class!)

When you become a parent, everyone preps you on what to expect for the first year or two of your kid’s life.

What no one explains to you is how to actually raise them with the values, worldview, and thought processes that will help your kids become healthy and happy adults.

People can be quick to tell you what you’re doing wrong, but there aren’t a lot of resources on raising 21st century kids (unless you want to spend those 14 hours you don’t have to dive into a book that may or may not give you some tangible takeaways).

That’s why we created The RockStar Parent Workshop Series.

We were tired of seeing parents struggle with the constant judgment and lack of support, so we decided to do something about it.

The RockStar Parent Workshop Series is a virtual DIY training program with world-class experts, that you can tailor to your needs as a parent.

How many times have you found yourself sitting with your head in your hands thinking:

“I can’t do this.”

“I’m not ready for this.”

Or even…

“I just need some help.”

We’ve been there too. And even with loving, supportive partners, it can still be lonely when you have a parenting problem that you’re not sure how to solve.

The truth is, you’re not alone. And it’s time to come together as a community of parents that can actually support one another (#JudgeFreeZone), while you gain the parenting, communication, and relationship skills you need that can help you become a RockStar Parent.

This holiday season, it’s time to give yourself the gift of freedom, clarity, and connection.

Here’s what you’ll find inside of The 2019 RockStar Parent Workshop Series Vault:

  1. What It Takes To Be A Perfect Great Parent

By Hayley Goldberg, LMFT

Being the perfect parent is not only exhausting but impossible. Find out in our upcoming workshop what it means to be a really great parent who raises amazing kids with the life skills and characteristics they need to be happy and successful in life. Presence over perfection is key, but knowing it and understanding how to implement it are two very different things. This workshop will support you in creating real change so you can leave your parenting perfectionistic tendencies in the past.

  1. The Insider’s Guide to Raising Resilient Children

By Hayley Goldberg, LMFT

          Resilience is what helps you bounce back after life's setbacks, dust yourself off, and strive for better. In this workshop, Hayley Goldberg, LMFT, will show you how to teach your children to develop the vital foundations of building resilience, so that when life gets hard, they not only have the healthy coping skills they need, they’ve also built a safe-place with you when they need extra support.

  1. Beyond Gratitude: How To Raise Thankful Children

By Hayley Goldberg, LMFT

This workshop goes past teaching your kids to say "Thank You" so that they truly understand appreciation and gratitude. We want to go deeper and raise children who understand and practice gratitude and appreciation on a daily basis so they have the skills necessary to be successful in social settings and in building healthy relationships.

(This is entitlement’s kryptonite!)

  1. Emotional Intelligence: Teaching Your Kids Healthy Self-Expression
  2. Beyond the Bath: Real Self-Care for Busy Moms (Learning & Loving Your Postpartum Body)

By Whitney Sippl, DPT, WCS

After you have a baby, it can be difficult to identify with your body. This workshop is dedicated to teaching you how to work with and nourish your postpartum body. This workshop is also good for partners who have not delivered a child, as this can help them better understand what their partner is going through, physically and emotionally.

  1. Reconnecting: Relationship Building For Couples Who Don’t Have Time

By Sahar Martinez, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

As parents, you juggle so much that your health and well-being sometimes comes dead last. It is easy to forget to nurture your relationship with your significant other when you are constantly on the go. This workshop addresses how to help enrich the bond between partners, so you can nurture and grow the love that brought your kids into being in the first place. #NeverStopDatingYourPartner

  1. Managing It All As A Parent

By Sahar Martinez, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Multiple pick-ups and drop offs, work, soccer, swim lessons, dinner—parenting life is no joke! This workshop is about how to manage all that life throws at you as a parent, so you can prioritize what is right for your family. Time to find some peace in the chaos!

  1. Inclusivity - Culture and Diversity

By Sahar Martinez, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist     

This workshop gives you the tools you need to teach your children how to be compassionate and understanding, so that they can broaden their views and learn to see the world through empathy. The world is getting smaller by the day, and the more adaptable your children are, the greater relationships and successes they will have. By learning how to teach your kids about culture, diversity, and inclusivity, you’re setting your kids up for success.

Whether one workshop speaks to you or the whole 2019 Vault is calling your name, there are options for you so you can customize your RockStar Parent experience.

Needs to be less high brow ;}

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