OUR PRODUCT : What are the shirts made of?

Kids are picky little buggers, so we chose the softest, comfiest tees we could find.  Living Loudly shirts are made from a blend of viscose or rayon from bamboo, organic cotton, and spandex.  A new collection of tees is also in the works, made from Peruvian Pima cotton and Supima cotton from the USA.

OUR PRODUCT : Who designs the shirts?

We partner with incredible artists to create joyful illustrations that coordinate with our stories.  With an emphasis on kid-friendly designs winning parents’ approval (i.e., no violence and no obnoxious logos), each shirt is destined to be an easy pick to kickstart your family’s day.

OUR PRODUCT : How do I wash the shirts?

Turn your shirt inside out (a task that most kids will do on their own) and wash on cold with like colors. No bleach, dry cleaning or starch. Tumble dry on a low setting.  If time allows, only iron on a warm (not hot) setting with the shirt turned inside out. Our shirts are resilient but the graphics will wear over time and with heavy use, like that much-loved Teddy bear.

YOUR EXPERIENCE : How long is each story?

Each story is printed on a large sheet of wildflower seed paper, making it an easy 3-5 minute minute read with your kiddo.

YOUR EXPERIENCE : What age range is best for the stories?

We wrote each story for kids aged 3-8 years old.  As kids get older, they can participate in a new way by reading the story to you.

YOUR EXPERIENCE : How do you plant the wildflowers?

1. Place a quarter-sized piece of seed paper and a tablespoon of water (enough to saturate the paper) in an airtight ziplock plastic bag.  Make sure you seal the bag with a bit of air to form a bubble.

2. Keep the bag at room temperature, touched by sunlight for a few hours a day, while the seeds germinate (that’s fancy talk for grow).  This usually takes about 10 days, but can sometimes take up to 6 weeks.

3. Once you see the sprout's roots searching for soil, transfer the paper from the bag into a pot (or garden) with a light covering (⅛”) of soil. Press the dirt down firmly after sowing.

4. Give your seedlings daily water and at least 4 hours of sunlight, and watch them grow.

YOUR EXPERIENCE : What sizes do you carry?

We offer sizes from 3T to 8.

YOUR EXPERIENCE : How do I know what size to order?

If your child is between sizes, we recommend buying a size larger.  Our tees fit slim and long through the torso and are true to standard size.

YOUR EXPERIENCE : I’m looking for Parent Workshops. Do you offer those too?

Yep.  We know that we best serve kids when we support parents.  Click here to see our full list of Parent Workshops to help you raise your little ones with confidence.

SHIPPING & RETURNS : How Are My Items Shipped?

99% of our items are shipped using the USPS, while on occasion we use DHL, UPS or FedEx.

SHIPPING & RETURNS : When will I receive my order?

Most items ship within 1-3 business days, but shipping times may vary. Estimated delivery time is 5-15 business days to arrive (most arrive quicker than that, and we make a note in the item description if it takes longer to ship).

SHIPPING & RETURNS : What if I need an item faster?

We get it- sometimes you just need something, like, now.  Just email us at  BEFORE ordering to see if your chosen item is available for expedited shipping. If it is, we'll let you know of any additional shipping costs, and we'll get it out the door.

SHIPPING & RETURNS : What if I already placed an order? Can I still upgrade to faster shipping?

Depends. If you call or email us as quickly as possible, and if we can catch it BEFORE it ships out, then we can still upgrade you. But once we ship the item, there’s no way to speed it up.

SHIPPING & RETURNS : Will I receive tracking numbers for my order?

Yes. Tracking numbers can be provided upon request based on order type.

SHIPPING & RETURNS : Whoops! I made a mistake on my order. Can I change it?

If this happens to you, email us as soon as you can.  If we catch it BEFORE it ships, we can make changes. Once an order’s been shipped, there's nothing we can do to change the order. If your order has already been shipped, wait for it to arrive and follow our return policies to exchange for a new item (additional fees may apply).


Please note that import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are ultimately the buyer's responsibility. We try our best to reduce the risk of customs duties.  Items being shipped to Canada and abroad can sometimes get held up in customs and can take anywhere from 15-45 business days to arrive. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to speed up delivery of international shipments. 


We want you to be 100% happy with your order. Please visit our Policies and Returns page for all the details.


How do I sell Living Loudly apparel in my store?

We’d love to collaborate. Drop us an email and we can talk details!


Do you work with influencers?

We love working with Influencers and we have a special soft spot in our hearts for smaller content creators (or micro-Influencers). We welcome Influencers of all sizes.

We run things differently than most other brands. After you get our products in hand and fall in love with them in our first collaboration, then we move onto sponsored posts. But these aren’t just any sponsored posts. We know that as an influencer, supporting your family is important. That’s why we work with our influencers to create consistent content, so you can get paid consistently for your efforts. We’re not a one-and-done kind of brand.

We’re all about supporting and connecting with parents and creative entrepreneurs.  So if you’re an influencer looking for a real relationship with a brand that’s ready to support you on the regular, let’s work together!

Any interested influencer simply has to:

Leave a product review. We want to make sure that you love our product and can speak honestly and passionately about it to your audience. We’re confident that you’ll fall in love with our apparel.