About Us

Building a Brighter Future for the Next Generation

We’re Living Loudly, a lifestyle brand dedicated to supporting parents raising healthy, loving, happy kids. Our mission is to bring a smile to your little one’s face and really be there for you. 

We’ve got two branches to our company tree. One for your little monster to hang from and one for you to swing on. 

Our kid’s division is dedicated to high quality, teddy bear soft clothing that will finally end the jammie fight every morning. Your little one’s clothes should inspire and excite them. Our clothes are cool enough to be the new fave and age appropriate enough that you won’t get calls from school. 

What we have for you (parents UNITE!) is a supportive, non-judgy community of Rock Star Parents (RSPs), and just like you, they have their share of hot mess moments. RSPs are ready to stop focusing on burning themselves out and dedicated to taking back control. We celebrate parents who always look to the future and their potential to become better, and that’s why we created the RockStar Parenting Workshop Series.

This parenting journey is tough—even with all of the love, cuddles, and nuggies. We understand. We’re in it with you on the quest (DON DUH DOOOOOOON!) to become the best parents we can be to our little one. This entire brand is our grand stand to let you know that you’re not alone. The Living Loudly fam is here for you, all you gotta do is bring an open mind, kind heart, foul mouth, and your inner 13-year-old’s sense of humor.