we’re living loudly, and we’re on a mission.

We spark creativity, connect families, and
make parenting just a smidge less crazy.

our story

We’re Shannon and Gonzalo -

mom and dad to 6-year old Gavin.

And like all parents, we’ve faced a heap of challenges.   When Gavin aged out of toddlerhood, we went searching for clothes that wouldn’t spark a 7AM get-dressed-meltdown. 

We weren’t happy with what we found.

Violent characters and scenes (nope!)

Oversized logos stamped right across their chests (why?)

Poor-quality clothes that fall apart (have you seen a kid play?!)

We looked deeper and found that many parents (like us) were also finding it hard to connect with their kids in the chaos of life.  We dreamed of a company that would create quality, kid- and parent-approved clothing, delivered with a bonding family experience.

But we wanted to do more.  We researched the issues that parents are hitting like brick wall, like loving your body after having kids, and learning to navigate parent guilt and shame.  With a team of experts beside us, we created our Parent Workshops to help you be the best parent for YOUR kids.

With blood, sweat, tears, and dad jokes, we started Living Loudly to support you and your incredible growing humans.

Our Epic Apparel

Our collection of tees (pants and shorts coming soon!) are simply the best you can find.

Soft As A Baby’s Blanket

Our bamboo-infused tees are not only designed to last and keep your kids cool, they’re also absurdly soft.  You might be jealous of your kiddo, that’s all we’re saying.

Fun and parent-approved

No more drama before you’ve even had your coffee.  Our designs are parent AND kid-approved to make getting dressed the least stressful part of your day.

Memorable and teachable

Each tee comes with a unique, joyful story printed on wildflower seed paper.  Read the story, plant the seeds, and watch them grow.  Memories made.

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parent workshops

We’ve talked to the other moms and dads, and the consensus is in: parenting is b-a-n-a-n-a-s.  And not like cute banana bread.  More like, slipping and falling every few steps.

Our parent workshops aren’t designed to make it easy, they’re designed to make it better. We trade stress for joy in our non-judgy community where we learn together and celebrate our small triumphs.

In our workshops, we tap our network of experts to dive into topics like reconnecting with your partner in the midst of parenting, and teaching your kids healthy emotional expression.

We’re better together, and we want you with us.

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