CREATE Moments That Matter!

— Rock the epically soft shirt

— Read the story, written on seed paper

— Plant the paper & grow flowers



Happy Customers

"Living Loudly's tee's are delightfully whimsical and inspiring!

The material is high quality, stretchy and breathable. The colors are vibrant and unique."


"The packaging is gorgeous, and the unboxing experience was fantastic.

The shirt is buttery soft and very handsome. My son loves the print and color, and the fit is just right. The paper with seeds in it and the story printed on it made for a super fun afternoon activity, and we can't wait to see our seeds germinate so we can plant them in the garden."


"Thanks for taking the experience of getting an awesome shirt to a whole new level!

When my four year old figured out that not only did she get a shirt, but that she got to plant her own seeds, that was the icing on the cake."


"The girls are LIVING in their Living Loudly shirts! 

They sleep in them and want to wear them all day again. The shirts are so stretchy and soft. Can I get one in and adult size?!?


Outrageously Soft & Tough

Clothing so soft, kids won't want to take them off, while being strong enough to not shrink in the wash or get ruined in a muddy puddle. 

A Story with Every Purchase

Our original graphics are brought to life through a fun and memorable story written on seed paper that blooms into wildflowers, when planted.

No boring packaging here! Our shirts arrive in a colorful & fully biodegradable capsule.

Read the story together.

Plant the wildflowers.

Make memories that last.

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parent workshops & community

We partnered with parenting and psychology experts to give you the tools you need. Learn tips and tricks on how to raise independent, strong kids, while keeping your sanity.

We offer 7 on-demand workshops that you can watch from the comfort of your own home, pause when you need to, and come back again and again.

Need more support?  We created a community of like-minded parents to encourage and listen. It takes a village and we've got an awesome one.

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Parenting Workshop Topics Include:

Creating a calm and focused home

Owning your unique parenting style

Beyond Gratitude: How To Raise Thankful Children

Building emotional intelligence

Loving your body after kids

Reconnecting for Busy Parents

We’re Shannon and Gonzalo -

This ain't the Brady Bunch.  We're normal parents- fueled by caffeine until the moment we collapse onto the couch.   Even on the frequent our-kid's-gonna-need-therapy days, we're hunting for joy in the middle of the chaos.

When we became parents, we were disappointed by the clothes in stores-- full of over-sized logos or violent characters.  We dreamed of something better. 

Strengthened with a greater vision for supporting parents as they try to create fun and educational moments together, Living Loudly was born.

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We're Better Together

Join us on Instagram to share your latest victory, connect with like-minded parents, and raise wild, resilient humans together.

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